Dutch-Born, mother English, MC Choral aka Petra van Haren, was discovered by female dj “miss Ginger” (house-engineers) while singing in the shower on a snowboard holiday. Starting out to be a funny challenge Miss Ginger invited her to sing along on the house tracks she was about to play that night in one off the largest clubs in Les Deux Alpes, “Club Avalanche”. That’s where she found out it was her destiny to enchant people with her freestyle heavenly vocals, her uplifting shout outs and excellent timing.

Her passion for music goes back further than she can imagine. As soon as she learned how to speak she drove her family mad by her constant singing. So mad they even forbid her to sing one more note. Off course this didn’t stop the little girl from dreaming.

From thereon her star just kept on rising. From performing in the largest clubs to jamming with some of the well known artists the house scene has to offer. She conquers and rocks every place where they set her loose.

Within a short amount of time she earned the respect of many dj’s in the Netherlands and they kept on requesting to work with her. From then on interest among foreign dj’s appeared fast.

Already she jammed with Armand van Helden (usa), Bob Sinclairs Cutee B (fr), Erick E (nl), Tom Novy (de), Dave Spoon (uk), D- Ramirez (uk), Jaimie Lewis (ch), Gregory (fr), Jean (nl), Hardsoul (roog) (nl). Fedde le grand (nl), SHM Steve Angello

She became the Netherlands fastest rising and still rising freestyle Vocalist/Mc (master of ceremony). She is the official worldwide resident for Uk’s glamourous label Hed Kandi.

So, heavenly vocals, sexy appearance, perfect timing and uplifting shout outs. Get ready for this female rising star, she is ready to rock your world!