Jenny is a gifted Top-line writer,  blessed with an amazing voice that touches all your senses.

She has a wide vocal range, and she is well known for for the diversity in her singing styles.
Sometimes smooth and gem-like, sometimes witty , sometimes roaring and raw.

After graduating from the School of Arts, she had exposed herself to all forms of activities, such as writing, performing and composing.
After releasing her first Album, Jenny has toured a lot with her live band, going to many places, like Europe, the USA and Asia,
and has been awarded twice as on of the “400 Young Successful Women 2010 and 2011” by women magazine Viva.

Pop, Dance, Electronic, R&B, Rock, Rapping, Soul ore Ballads:  irrespective of the style,  Jenny is always on top of her vocal game and lyrics.

She has succesfully written & worked with many artists, to name a few:

-DJ Fedde Le Grand
-DJ Funkerman
-16 Bit Lolitas
-DJ Basto
-Kinderen voor Kinderen  (Gold Selling Children Pop songs Album)
-Ralf Mackenbach (Winner Junior Songfestival)

Jenny is available for co-writing!

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