Meredith Call

If the singing voice is merely an agent for a melody, a means of putting across a chorus, a bridge, or a verse, well, somebody forgot to tell Meredith Call. As her debut album Winter Kills made so clear, Meredith uses her voice as a layer in much the same way that a skilled instrumentalist would. It is a sound – in Meredith’s case, a unique and unforgettable one – that can play as important a role in her songs as any other musical element. Soaring, ascending, emoting, sweeping, Meredith’s expressive vocal parts bring a teasing complexity to songs that often come from relatively uncomplicated beginnings.  She pulls inspiration from moments of life that trigger her songwriting, leading her to build musical and verbal narratives that are at once brilliant and earnest, wistful and unrelenting. Meredith is not one of those singers who is merely happy just to show up, record a main vocal part and call it a song, her passion for writing and recording is visionary, it is her namesake, her calling.

Meredith has worked with award winning producer Josh Gabriel as Winter Kills, their album was released in 2010 with Armada Music. Meredith also performed their collaboration with Armin Van Buuren, “Take a Moment,” live in Ibiza for his album release event. Meredith has also teamed up with Tritonal, with their well-received  2011 single “Broken Down” and a follow-up track due in early 2013. Most recently, Meredith has written and recorded with Schiller, with whom she is a featured vocalist on his Sonne album tour 2012.

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